Alternative Therapies for Osteoporosis

Learn about prevent osteoporosis. Dr. Ivan Walton, a Geriatrician and Consultant at Charing Cross Hospital, Medicine for the Elderly Department, describes what Osteoporosis is, what the symptoms are and, using X-rays, what an osteoporotic fracture looks like.

Within the programme as a whole Dr. Walton also gives advice on how to prevent osteoporosis developing.

Case Study 1 - Mavis had already developed osteoporosis when she suffered a terrible fall, crushing three vertebrae in her spine.

Case Study 2 - Our second case study, Joanna, has also already developed Osteoporosis but is strengthening her muscles as much as possible.

Case Study 3 - Suzannah Olivier is a nutritionist who works a lot with osteoporosis and preventative health.

Case Study 4 - The fourth programme item also focuses on the importance of nutrition.