Kinesiology Tape for Carpal Tunnel

Learn about carpal tunnel syndrome taping. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused when there is pressure in the carpal tunnel (a space in the wrist) that compresses the median nerve, causing the nerve to function improperly. Because the carpal tunnel is surrounded by bone on one side, and an inflexible ligament on the other, if pressure builds, the nerve has nowhere to go and becomes pinched.

When carpal tunnel syndrome occurs, the normal functions of muscle control and sensory communications in the hand are impaired. Problems that can occur in carpal tunnel syndrome include:

The KT Tape application as described below can help stabilize the carpel tunnel aiding in the normal function of the medina nerve. If KT tape does not bring relief, heavier bracing may be suitable. If neither of these bring relief, seek professional medical attention where additional measures can be taken including physical therapy, injections or surgery.