Kinesiology Tape for Distal Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

Learn about distal posterior tibial tendonitis taping. The posterior tibial tendon serves as one of the most important supporting structures for the foot. It runs behind the ankle bone on the inside of the foot, across the instep, and connects to the bottom of the foot. It is crucial in the function of walking and running and helps to build the arch of the foot. A condition called Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD) is a breakdown or change in this tendon that causes flat feet.

Irritation and overuse can cause the area behind the ankle bone to become inflamed and painful. Other symptoms of tendonitis in this tendon are pain at the instep, swelling along the tendon, general weakness in the ankle, or flattened feet. Knots can form in the tendon due to scar tissue and have the possibility of eventually rupturing. This makes it very important to relieve the stress and cause of inflammation as soon as possible.

Standing, walking, or running for long periods of time, degeneration of the tendon due to age, obesity, poor nutrition, traumatic injury, and severe overuse can all contribute to problems with this tendon. Rest, massage, anti-inflammatory medication, and arch supports are non-surgical treatments used to help relieve the stress and continued degradation of the tendon.

KT Tape provides much needed support and relief for the tendon. Increased blood flow to the area will help to provide nutrients and healing agents to the inflamed areas, as well as help to "cool" them down. During the healing process KT Tape will relieve the inevitable stress most individuals continue to put on their feet. Recovery times can be dramatically reduced and compensation injuries can be avoided when the pain relief is combined with support.