Kinesiology Tape for Pain on Top of Foot

Learn about pain on top of foot. The top of the foot consists of many bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and muscles. The function of the foot is produced by all of these components and each component is relatively small and complex. For the majority of people, the foot is used more than any other body part. Feet consistently bear the entirety of a person’s weight in almost all sports. Needless to say, feet take a beating and are often injured.

Tendons on the top of the foot are responsible for pointing the toes towards the sky (dorsiflexion), and therefore most of the time tendonitis on top of the foot is due to inflammation caused by this action being repeated many times under stress. Activities like running (especially on an un-even grade), hill training, sport that causes frequent change of direction, or even running in poorly fit shoes, can all cause tendonitis of these tendons.

Other causes of pain on the top of the foot include cysts, bones jamming due to fallen arches, stress fractures from trauma, bone spurs due to arthritic conditions, or even pinched nerves. Typical treatment of these conditions includes R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) after activity, orthotics, being correctly fit for shoes, or various inserts. Many times strength training of the calves can help to relieve stress.
KT Tape provides excellent support without sacrificing range of motion, as well as increasing blood flow and taking stress off of inflamed tendons. Regardless of the source of pain, these benefits can help to promote the healing process as well as significantly reduce pain. Reducing pain will help you to avoid compensation injuries that all too often follow foot pain.