Preparing for Childbirth: Alternative Methods

Learn about preparing for birth. Dr. Yehudi Gordon is a Consultant Obstetrician who has gained a reputation for taking a holistic approach to women’s health during pregnancy.

Although it is safer to have a baby now than in the past he stresses that there are still gaps in conventional treatments which complementary medicine may help. He appears several times in the programme, introducing the benefits of the various treatments.

Case Study 1 - Our first case study is Purdy whohad unexplained infertility andturned to alternative therapies toget pregnant.

Case Study 2 - Mothers-to-be Alisa, Saffron and Judith

Case Study 3 - Judy’s experience with pregnancy has been traumatic.

Case Study 4 - Anna experienced painful sciatica.

Case Study 5 - Zita West is an acupuncturist and midwife who pioneered an acupuncture service.