Radiofrequency Ablation Procedure

Learn about radiofrequency tumour ablation. Radiofreqency ablation is a surgical treatment that uses heat to destroy abnormal tissue in the body. It is an established treatment option for treating heart rhythm diseases. However currently it can be used to treat tumour, such as liver cancer. It can be used as treatment for cancer spreading to the liver as palliative purposes. The indications for using radiofrequency tumour ablation for treating liver cancer are strict. It has to be used in patients where the cancer cannot be surgically removed.

Radiofrequency tumour ablation acts by using a high frequency alternating current moving from the tip of an electrode into the tissue surrounding the electrode. This will cause the temperature of the tissue in the liver to rise. When the temperature reaches beyond 60 degrees Celsius, the cell begin to die. This is the principle of radiofrequency tumour ablation.