Thermocatalytic Technique (Tooth Whitening)

The thermocatalytic technique is applied to teeth that have had root canal treatments. It involves bleaching the tooth from the inside of the tooth. It is similar to the walking bleach technique, except that it uses a thermal light to activate the bleaching agent.

This technique has been proposed for many years as the best technique to bleach non-vital teeth (those teeth which do not have a blood supply) because of the strong interaction between hydrogen peroxide and heat.

One of the most important effects is the changes in enamel and dentin. This can affect how long fillings last on the tooth, and also the strength of the enamel.

There can also be problems such as the tooth becoming pink as a result of a problem known as cervical invasive resorption. We do not know why this occurs in people. It can be fixed in the early stages by a dentist; however, extreme cases may result in the loss of your tooth if you get this rare condition.