Walking Bleach Technique (Tooth Whitening)

The walking bleach technique is used to whiten teeth that have had root canal treatments. It involves bleaching the tooth from the inside of the tooth. Root canal treatments may discolour teeth due to the materials used to fill the root canal, discolouration breakdown of blood in the root canal, and medications used in the root canal during the treatment, to name but a few.

It is very important to have a scale and clean before starting the bleaching treatment. If you do decide to undergo bleaching treatment, then it is important to know that the tooth might not become perfectly white and that bleaching is unpredictable.

Before treatment, a radiograph will be taken to check the root canal treatment and make sure there is no infection. It is also important to make sure that the fillings are in good condition.

Furthermore, it is of great importance that a rubber dam is applied during the bleaching process to prevent bacterial infection of the root canal.